Jose Canseco Keeps on Keepin On

When I was in Little League I caught the ball with a Canseco glove. If I would have only known how much I really dislike this guy. The problem with Canseco is that much of what he wrote in Juiced turned out to be pretty accurate. I don’t think that makes him super credible though. Aside from personal character attributes, which lend to him being a less than credible source, he also lacks real evidence for many of his stories. This becomes more and more true as the stories become further reaching. He was turned away from one publisher due to that problem, which I believe to be a big one.


His telling of A Rod being introduced to a steroid distributer has no purpose. (Please don’t make me eat those words buddy)(Nah, you won’t.) I don’t see any purpose for Jose stating that, away from his personal dislike for Alex which stems from his wife. He’s obviously just trying to start drama for Alex. This guy is a woman. It would be my best guest that anyone who has ever been to Canseco’s home, one of his parties, seen him on the street, dreamed about him at night, or typed his name into a Google search, has also inherantly met someone who sells steroids. These accusations, which dont accuse anything but rather just throw an idea out, are childish and nonsensical. Unless your Jose, for which that is the norm.

Additionally: When asked about the allegations, including trying to sleep with Canseco’s wife, A Rod pretty much said he had nothing to say. While that may seem like the wrong way to respond, by opening up the question why he didn’t want to talk about it, I think that would be the incorrect interpretation. A Rod is one of the worst people to ever talk to the media. He says things that get misread and exploited. What he was trying to say was that he didn’t even want to validate Canseco’s allegations. He had nothing to say because it is so ridiculous. How his words will actually be taken is yet to be seen, but I am convinced that I am right.


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  1. dmancardfan

    a little late but……..HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA

    (Please don’t make me eat those words buddy)(Nah, you won’t.) —haha

    , but i am convinced that I am right. —haha

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