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Well in what was an explosive offensive start including two Yankee homeruns, IPK has stumbled a bit in allowing the O’s to tie the game back up.

In the second the Bombers were able to put four runs on the board, much to the dismay of Oriole pitching. In the bottom of the inning however, the O’s were able to come back, mainly on account of two back to back bombs themselves. IPK struggled to keep the ball out of the middle of the plate, and with a 90 MPH fastball he can’t afford to challenge the hitters like that.

The third inning was non eventful for the most part, but here in the top of the fourth the Yanks have been able to take the lead back on a Johnny Damon double which was driven in by Jeter.
Bobby Abreu just hit a two run homer (7) to give the Yankees a 7-4 lead on a middle in pitch.

ARod just belted a monster homerun as the MASN broadcasters were talking about his lifetime HR numbers. ha. O’s pitcher Brian Burress is done.

8-4 Yanks

Lance Cormier comes on to pitch against the Yankees with an 0-1 record and a 1.93 ERA.

IPK has been taken out of the ballgame in between innings as Ross Ohlendorf (5.86 ERA, 0-1, 2.86 opposing BA) comes in. IPK is with a trainer, so perhaps he has a slight strain.

The decision of what to do with Joba if the pen gets roughed up will be on Girardi.

An O’s runner gets on in the bottom of the fourth on an error charged to ARod. The next batter GIDP, and ARod pulls in a line drive to end the inning.

Top of the fifth was uneventful for the Yankees, and the O’s have put the leadoff man on in the bottom of the fifth. Melvin Mora just smacked the seventh HR of the game off of Ohlendorf to make it an 8-6 ballgame.


LUKE SCOTT JUST HIT ANOTHER O’s HOMERUN. this is getting a little bit silly. Eight homers . KEVIN MILLER JUST HIT ANOTHER HOMERUN. NINTH OF THE GAME. The game is now tied 8-8 again.

This is the most i’ve ever seen in a game. The record for Camden yards is 11, which occurred back in 1994.

IPK has a strained right lat muscle, and is day to day.

The inning is over, and we go to the top of the sixth to see what the Yankee bats can do.

Damon just got on base after Molina was taken for the first out. Jeter almost hits into DP but is able to run out the ball on a fielders choice. On a side note, Damon is a triple away from cycle.

With two on, and two outs with ARod at bat,  the  O’s take out  their pitcher for  fastball pitcher  Sarfate. Jeter gets caught off the bag to end the inning in a huge strategic blunder.

Girardi finally comes to the mound to take out Ohlendorf, in favor of Ramirez.

With two outs, the O’s have runners at the corners in the bottom of the sixth, but Betimit steps on first with an unassisted third out.

Arod leads off the top of the seventh, and strikes out on a high fastball. Matsui is at the plate, 0-3, but with a four game hit streak. He flys out to 7 for the second out.

Bottom of the eighth the O’s are able to get runners into scoring position with two outs. On a hit to right, Kevin Millar makes a run for home but is thrown out by Bobby Abreu’s big arm.

Sarfate is taken out in between innings for Johnson, and he quickly has three outs in the top of the eighth.

Kyle Farnsworth is now pitching for the Yanks, and walks the lead off batter on four straight balls.

A sac bunt moves Adam Jones over to second. Farnsworth throws an intentional walk to Brian Roberts in order to face Melvin Mora. Girarda makes a quick trip to the mound.

It a great strategy as Mora GIDP for the last two outs.

Johnny Damon leads of on a nice hit over the 6 spot for a leadoff double. It’s started to rain heavily , with Jeter at the plate. He tries to bunt but is unable to do so. He squares again for a bunt foul. He strikes out. Abreu takes the plate in an effort to score the go ahead run. He strikes out on a nice inside pitch.

The O’s intentionally walk ARod as they wait to face Matsui.

Matsui (0-4 tonight) takes two pitches as runners both take bases. Girardi comes out to challenge the umpire not taking a delay, and walks away very angrily. Matsui lines out to 3 for the third out.


Ok, 11:11pm, game is back on the air as Markakis takes the plate against Mo (0.45 ERA).

Mo strikes him out on 6 outside fastballs.

Mo has only given up 49 homers in nearly 1000 innings. He still throws mid nineties at almost 40 years of age.

He struck out the second batter as well. Nick Scott pops up for the end of the ninth.

Betimit gets on with a base hit, and Cano grounds into a FC for the second out. Molina flys out to end the inning.

With two outs and a runner on second in the bottom of the tenth, Mo gives up his first walk of the SEASON to Payton. Brian Roberts flies for the final out.

Damon gets on to lead off the 11th, and Jeter squares for a beautiful bunt that ends up an error, bringing Damon to third and Jeter to first.

Abreu gets the pass to load the bases with ARod at the plate with no outs. Uh-oh O’s.

ARod GIDP as the O’s have force outs at home and third. Pretty nice O’s play.

Matsui hits one back up the box for a double, and Abreu scores the go ahead run.

Giambi strikes out to end the inning.

LaTroy Hawkins is in to pitch the bottom of the eleventh, and gives up a loud first out with a runner at first.

Aubrey Huff hits a big one into the outfield against the wall to score the tying O’s run. If this game has been anything, it has been exciting!

Scott gets a free pass to first, with Mora on deck. 

Aubrey Huff scores on a hit off the wall from Cintron.

Final Score: 10-9.

An exciting game to say the least, Jeter’s baserunning error may come under a bit of scrutiny, but a great effort from both teams none the less.






  1. jimmy27nyy

    Mariano looked awesome in the bottom of the 9th …

    It took him only 14 pitches in the 1-2-3 inning … Good to see Girardi is letting Rivera pitch in the 10th inning …I don’t know why Betemit was playing so far off the line at first, allowing the ball to get past him for a double …. two outs … Jimmy27NYY …

  2. jimmy27nyy

    Bottom of the 10th…

    Walk … Runners on 1st and 2nd … two outs … and, fly ball to center, final out of the inning … on to the 11th we go !!!

  3. jimmy27nyy

    Damon leads off the top of the 11th with a walk …

    Nice bunt by Jeter, and the ball is thrown away at first … Base hit for Jeter, and runners at 2nd and 3rd … Abreu walked, bases loaded for A-Rod … Oh, No … ground ball, 4-2-5 DP … Matsui up – Base Hit [up the middle] – scoring Abreu … Yankees take the lead, 9-8 … Giambi up next … Strikeout, out number three … Yankees 9, Orioles 8 … Who will pitch the bottom of the 11th ?

  4. jimmy27nyy

    Here we go again…

    Hard base hit to right, Markakis up … He just missed hitting a homerun … one out !

  5. jimmy27nyy

    Huff delivers a “big hit” to tie the game at, 9-9 … the Yankees will now load the bases … Did anyone really expect anything different when Hawkins entered the game? … That’s it, game over … Cintron swings at first pitch, and hits a long shot to right for the game winning hit … Orioles 10, Yankees 9 … After this performance, Hawkins should be gone !!! A tough loss for the Yankees !!!

  6. jimmy27nyy

    Anyway, there’s not much more to say … This is a game the Yankees should have won … Kennedy, Ohlendorf, and Hawkins pitched terrible tonight, and they were the reasons for this disastrous loss !!! … So it goes … The Yankees are now 25-27, and remain in last place in the AL East … It goes without saying, tomorrow’s game is very “big” … Both, Pettitte and Joba need to pitch great !!! … So, with that said, I’ll sign out … You have an excellent Blog, and I look forward to your future posts … And, you’re always welcome to check out my blog, “Baseball, The Yankees, and Life”, anytime !!! … Take care … Jimmy [27NYY] …

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