Game 53 Live Blogging


The Yanks go 1-2-3 in the top of the first inning, with Jeter grounding out to 6 and Bobby Abreu striking out. I just found out that last night Jeter got picked off for the first time in about a decade. While it stinks that it happened in last nights situation, you have to admit that a decade is pretty amazing.


Brian Roberts gets a leadoff hit back up the box in a play that Pettitte may should have been able to make a play to first.

Melvin Mora immediately gets an infield single with ARod’s throw not being able to reach first in time.

Jeter makes an impressive catch on an Aubrey Huff bloop to short and completes the third out with a close throw to first.


ARod gets thrown out at first, but Matsui is able to get a double on a texas leaguer. A ball that gets away from the catcher has moved Matsui down to third, with Giambi at the plate.

Big G hits one through the gap and Matsui comes across the plate. Yanks lead by 1.

The half-inning ends on a ground ball and throw to first.


Two O’s down so far on fly balls. No breeze tonight, the balls seem to stay where they are hit.

Cintron ends the inning on a slow roller to second base.


The Yanks have put a Cabrera on third base with Jeter at bat.

With the count even at 2-2 Jeter strikes out swinging. 2 out.

Abreu flies out to 7 stranding Melky at third.

Guthrie looks pretty good at the mound, with some pretty decent movement on his pitches.

In the bottom of the inning Cano gets an opportunity to make the first out at first, but loses the ball when trying to make the throw. It’s scored a hit regardless. Melvin Mora hits a homerun for two runs, giving the O’s the lead.

Kevin Millar strikes out for the second time tonight, and Huff grounds out to end the inning.


ARod grounds out for the second time of the evening, bringing Matsui to the plate.

Matsui reaches for one, after running the count up a bit, and pops out to 8.

Big G hits one off the warehouse to tie the game back up just as, of course, the MASN broadcasters are talking about him hitting one off the warehouse previously.

Broadcasters are amazingly efficient in causing things to happen.

Cano busts his bat on a fly ball to left, and Payton makes a big run and slide to capture the final out.

Adam Jones flies to Cabrera, who made all three catches in the inning.


Melky Cabrera hits his second double of the game on a fastball in the middle of the plate to left center.

Cabrera moves over to third as Damon hits a bloop over second base to put runners on the corners.

Jeter hits a sac fly, and picks up the RBI as Cabrera scores. 3-2 Yanks.

Cintron pulls in a line to short to end the inning.


With one out, Brian Roberts hits a stand up double into the right field corner.

Andy Pettitte and his sick pick off move get Roberts off the bag, and Cano applies the tag for the second out.

Mora is walked, and Markakis hits one down the right field line to put runners at second and third.

K. Millar fouls off a breaking ball into his shin, and it looks like it hurt. bad.

Millar strands the tying and go ahead run on a pop up to Cabrera.


With one out, Matsui hits one to first, where Millar gets the unassisted second out.

Giambi ends the half inning with a ball to shallow right field for the third out.


With one out Hernandez hits a hard ball down the line but ARod makes a fantastic dive and throw to first for the second out.

Jay Payton loops a ball to center field and gets on base with two outs.

Jones hits a fly out to 7 for the last out of the inning.


Cabrera works the count full, but is Guthrie’s fourth strikeout of the night, and the last out of the inning. Including Jeter’s sac fly he’s retired eight in a row.


Pettitte gets his first out with a groundball to short, and now faces Roberts.

Melky gets the second out with a fly ball from Roberts to center.

Pettitte comes out of the ballgame in order to make room for Joba. Lets see what he does as he gets geared up to finally get into the starting rotation.

Mora gets his first ever hit off of Joba with a groundball past first.

He walks Markakis and Dave Eiland is out to the mound to talk to Joba.

Chamberlain gets the final out overpowering Millar.


With one out, Johnson at the mound, and Damon in SP, Bobby Abreu is at the plate. He grounds out for the second out of the inning, but Damon is able to move to third.

ARod is at bat, down 0-2 in the count. Going 1-2 after fouling off a couple, he pops foul for the end of the half-inning.


One out already, Hernandez is battling Chamberlain, down 0-2 in the count.

Gets him. Second strike out of the night.

Jay Payton quickly gets behind 0-2 himself. O’s haven’t had one hit with RISP, and hitters 3-9 are 3 for 24.

Joba strikes out Payton on a fastball to end the inning 1-2-3.

Not bad.


Walker is now on the mound for Baltimore.

Matsui leads off the inning with a double, having hit a rope to right field.

Now with G on  first and Matui on second, Cano is in the batters box with no outs.

Cano hits a slow grounder up to first for an out, but moves the runners further along the base paths.

Chad Moeller gets the free pass to load the bases, which allows the O’s a double play opportunity at any base.

Cabrera almost hits Matsui on a foul ball down the third base line. He works the count to 3-2 against Walker.

Bases loaded, Walker is gonna have to throw a strike, which gets fouled off.

After about 4 million additional foul balls Cabrera strikes out on an outside off speed pitch.

Damon comes to the plate and hits a slow roller that looks like a DP ball, the O’s hesitate and Damon BEATS OUT THE PLAY for an infield hit, and an RBI.

Yanks 4-2. Walker gets the boot. ha.

Chad Bradford in for the Orioles. Jeter is in for the Yanks.

Jeter grounds into the final out of the inning.


Time to see what the scrappy O’s can do, with a two run deficit and the 8-9-1 batters due up.

Mariano Rivera is in for the Yanks at the mound to try and put this one away.

Adam Jones leads it off for the O’s and strikes out. Mo is 17 for 21 in retiring the first batter he faces this year.

Luke Scott is pinch hitting for Cintron, and is quickly down 0-2. He hits a groundball to ARod, who commits an error to get on base.

Brian Roberts pops up for the second out of the inning, and the O’s are down to their last strikes with a runner on base.

Luke Scott takes second on an outside pitch.

Mora pops it up in the infield, and the Yanks avoid the sweep winning 4-2.



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